Wednesday, June 29, 2016

six star review by hiker!

ATA is lucky enough to receive high reviews a majority of the time with great comments and suggestions.  We even receive many thank you cards and letters that make ATA and its partners, the Summit Lodge and Foundry Restaurant feel very proud. However last week one review made us smile and laugh with delight and joy. It was from Araiya a 10 year old from New Jersey. She had a great time and hand drew the stars, giving mostly 5 start ratings. However dinner and the dessert received 6, she even drew some little s’mores over a fire, how cute!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hikers came across bear and moose tracks but one lucky group actually saw a bear. The highlight of the week was the bald eagle at local lake annoying the loons. The bald eagle swooped down a number of times close to the loons. Which were making some awful noises protecting the two babies. We saw the eagle swoop down to water and grab something but it was a small distance from loons. We suspect the eagle was fishing like the loons and was only interested in a fish. Good news later we saw the loons still had two babies with them.